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Meet Kiana: Volunteer of the Month (April 2022)

Meet Kiana: Volunteer of the Month (April 2022)

This month, our team at Mass Ave had a chance to recognize an outstanding volunteer and they nominated Kiana!

Here's why: 

Kiana started volunteering at our Mass Ave store in November of 2021. Even though she has been with us for a short time, her enthusiasm and dedication have been exemplary. She jumped into the holiday season with poise and efficient, friendly customer service. Her past retail experience in large retail chains in Chicago has equipped her to handle the transition from student to retail volunteer with ease. We chose to highlight Kiana because she is the kind of student volunteer we hope to develop a long term relationship with. We believe that the future leaders will be instrumental in our quest to develop conscious consumers and world changers! Thank you, Kiana!

We got to talk to Kiana about her experience as a volunteer. Here's what she had to say.

What inspired you to begin volunteering at Global Gifts?

I began volunteering at global gifts because I needed to find a new home here in Indianapolis and wanted to get involved with the community. Global Gifts was a really good fit being that I am passionate and invested in the world of retail but also the ethics behind it. Global Gifts message and purpose aligned with my own and has helped open so many great opportunities for me!

What is your favorite thing about Fair Trade and/or Global Gifts?

One of my favorite parts about fair trade is the chance to learn more about where the products came from and the cultures of those places. I love hearing the artisan stories and knowing the positive impact that Global Gifts is able to directly have on so many lives. 

What is your favorite Fair Trade product or artisan group?

I’m a huge fan of all of our jewelry! Specifically, I love our butterfly jewelry from the Amazon jungle in Peru. Knowing the process and that these truly beautiful and unique one of a kind pieces of art, support a local indigenous community is really special and sacred. 

Do you have a favorite country where Fair Trade products are sourced and represented in our stores?

I love the recycled sari items from India that are represented all throughout the store! From hamper bins, to earrings, and small bowls, they are all so unique and eye-catching while also being versatile and fitting many different esthetics. Knowing the waste that typically occurs from fabric and the methods they used to help recycle them and make the process more sustainable is very admirable.  

Any advice for new volunteers?

Take it all in and go slowly. There are constantly so many new products coming into the store that will catch your eye! The people you will meet and connections you will form are all going to come with time. Enjoy it! 


Feel inspired to join our team?

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