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Global Gifts Leadership

Meet the amazing members of our Global Gifts board and staff!



Marks Cannon Jr., Board Chair


Marks Cannon Jr joined the Board of Directors in February of 2020. He is a Consultant at BKD CPAs and Advisors, and brings financial management, program development, and strategic planning expertise to the board. Marks believes the impact of Fair Trade is far reaching and impactful, and should be on the minds of today’s consumers. Marks has served as Chair of the Global Gifts JEDI Committee since its formation in 2020.

Madhuri Bhaskar, Vice Board Chair


Bhaskar is the Senior Director at BeecherHill. BeecherHill is an organization dedicated to support and uplift leaders and companies. These companies' missions involve helping their industry, community, or the world and are advanced by great leadership.

Madhuri has volunteered in store at Global Gifts Short North in Columbus, OH for almost five years, and the mission and people of the organization hold a very special place in her heart. Global Gifts provides Madhuri with a connection to her heritage and home country in India. Madhuri joined our Board of Directors in 2018 and brings leadership training and nonprofit management expertise to our board.

Gracia Valliant, Secretary


Gracia Valliant began to learn about and understand the impact Fair Trade has on the lives of the artisans and farmers when she worked and traveled in Honduras and Guatemala. She began volunteering at Global Gifts in Bloomington in 2012, later becoming a part time associate for 5 years. She left her position in 2019 but continues to volunteer regularly in the store. Gracia and Mary Embry have led two Fair Trade learning tours to Guatemala. Bloomington is a Fair Trade town so Gracia, Dave Debikey and Mary Embry promote Fair Trade in the community through various activities, events and showing Fair Trade documentaries.


Kyle Stiffney, Treasurer


Kyle Stiffney helps manage Global Gifts' finances, bringing financial planning and auditing expertise to our Board of Directors. Kyle also manages the Goshen Soccer Academy alongside Thavisak Mounsithiraj. The Goshen Soccer Academy is a beacon for its community for its emphasis on being welcoming and caring as well as the sport that it coaches.


Jo Ellen Buffie, Past Chair


"I began volunteering in 2008 after being an avid Global Gifts shopper! The quality of work of artisans from around the world became staples in our family gift giving, and the emphasis of Fair Trade policies, as well as use of recycled materials, spoke to me. As a former teacher and stay-at-home Mom to our four children, I volunteered in our schools and served on the Perry Township School Board. Through our experience traveling to Namibia to visit our daughter in the Peace Corps, volunteering at Global Gifts became a way to put what we found to be true into practice: Our work and purchases are an investment in humanity, helping artisans and their families build a better life. I joined the board in 2017, continue volunteering in our schools and our community, serve as the Chair of the Baxter Y Board, and am grateful to serve as the Global Gifts Chair with our amazing Board, Executive Director, Managers, Staff and Volunteers. Spending time with our family, including our five grandchildren, traveling, creating my own “art” through furniture making and sewing—and volunteering—fills my heart."

Jay Brubaker


Jay has worked as the Executive Director for Circle City Clubhouse, a supportive community for adults living with mental illness that offers members opportunities for friendship, employment, housing, education, and access to medical and psychiatric services through a single caring and safe environment. Jay brings experience and expertise in nonprofit management to our Board of Directors.

Mark Cardwell



Formerly the Assistant Executive Director of the King Arts Complex, Mark is the founder of the social enterprise development consultancy READY LLC preparing non-profit organizations and social entrepreneurs toward impact investment readiness. Mark completed the Wells Foundation course on Impact Investment and Enterprise Development in 2016.

Mark has 20 + years of experience in the field of marketing including production management, advertising and sales. Mark has filled professional roles with The American Red Cross, OSU Medical Center and Goodwill Rehabilitation Center.

Mark has served as a board member and advisory committee member of various community organizations. As Executive Director for the Ohio Marketing Association, Mark helps Global Gifts with Strategic Marketing planning.

Sam Carpenter


Sam is a former executive director of Global Gifts and the organization and mission still have a big place in his heart.  Sam also served on the boards of the Fair Trade Federation and Fair Trade Resource Network.  Sam currently works as a consultant helping small businesses and nonprofits on a range of issues including strategic planning, board development, and fund raising.   

Mary Clark


Mary Clark is the Executive Director of the Global Village Welcome Center and International Marketplace Coalition in Indianapolis, the location of our newest store.

Caitlin Edwards


Caitlin Edwards is a CPA and is currently Technology Risk Manager at Ernst and Young in Columbus, Ohio, and is a former volunteer from our Short North store.

Sarah Ericson


Sarah Ericson is the Assistant Director of Museum Experience at Wonderlab in Bloomington, Indiana, as well as a visual artist and educator with expertise in volunteer and nonprofit management, and is a current volunteer at our Bloomington store.


Meredith Jones


Meredith Jones joined our Board of Directors in February of 2020. As a previous Store Volunteer with Global Gifts, she has missed being part of our organization. Meredith is a Senior Utility Analyst at the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, and brings a background in Environmental Policy to our board.

Tom Kashin


Tom Kashin has worked as a software developer for many companies and currently is working at Salesforce. He helps Global Gifts with technology, software, and IT needs, and has volunteered in store at the Mass Ave, Indianapolis location.

Rhonda Sherer


Rhonda Sherer is the Purchasing Agent at Aerosmith Fastening Systems. Aerosmith develops hardened steel for many uses including tool production and others. Rhonda brings expertise in operations and joined our Board of Directors in 2018.

Virgil Sauder



Virgil Sauder is the Manager of the Bloomington Animal Shelter, the Director of Animal Care and Control, and a former volunteer from our Bloomington location.



Alissa Head, Executive Director


Alissa Head began her journey in Fair Trade opening our Columbus, Ohio store as Store Manager in 2014. She has a background in nonprofit trade associations, working with the Oklahoma Restaurant, Travel Industry, and Hotel Motel Associations. She was previously Vice President of Operations for Skreened Inc, where she helped grow ecommerce sales and capacity over 500% over a period of four years. Alissa started the Fair Trade Columbus Campaign in 2015 and served on the steering committee, establishing Columbus as a Fair Trade Town in 2018. As Store Manager, she grew sales at our Columbus location over 40% within 4 years. Alissa was promoted to Executive Director in May of 2018.

Kinsey Davis, Store Manager


In 2013, while studying Management at Indiana University, Kinsey Davis joined Global Gifts as a volunteer. Her time spent there instilled a determination to pursue a career improving lives. Graduating in 2015, Global Gifts gave her that chance as the Volunteer Coordinator/Assistant Manager in Bloomington. Kinsey dove right in, learning about fair trade, training volunteers, merchandising, and countless on ways to be a better global citizen. In September 2017, Kinsey was promoted to Store Manager at Global Gifts, Nora Plaza. There, she brings a fresh approach to many faces of the "destination location" and to Global Gifts' offsite events around Indianapolis.

Dave Debikey, Store Manager


Dave Debikey is the store manager at the Bloomington, Indiana location. He joined Global Gifts in 2009 when the Bloomington store first opened. Dave had a prior history with fair trade food through his 15 years with Bloomingfoods Cooperative Market & Deli. He served 5 years on the Fair Trade Bloomington board of directors and was a member of the Bloomington Fair Trade Towns steering committee. He has served on the Bloomington Environmental Commisson and the Bloomington Parking Commission, and has been serving on the Downtown Bloomington Inc. board of directors since 2010.

Dianna Norris, Store Manager


Mass Ave store manager Dianna began her journey with Global gifts in October of 2017. Not having a deep rooted background in fair trade she quickly embraced the mission and culture of the organization. Dianna's experiences in specialty coffee management and retail management gave her the confidence she needed to join the team right before the busiest time of the year.

Dianna had a basic knowledge of fair trade and how it "worked" but it wasn't until she attended the Fair Trade Federation conference that it all clicked for her. Dianna was able to fully grasp what fair trade meant and just how much of an impact it truly has not just locally but globally. Fair trade and Global Gifts has broadened her thinking, living, learning and teaching in just the couple short years she has been with the organization. Dianna will oftentimes say "Global Gifts never feels like work" because she treasures and appreciates the entire organization and does genuinely love her job. She hopes to grow and thrive along with the entire fair trade community for many many years to come. Global Gifts is not just a unique gift shop to her. To her, it is a global community. They are her friends; they are her family. Global Gifts is a group of positive minded people working together to strengthen the globe. When Dianna isn't working, she loves spending time with her new baby girl, and youngest Mass Ave volunteer, Parker (they are currently learning sign language), going to concerts, traveling and teaching herself the ukulele. 

Amy Phillips-Gary, Store Manager


Amy’s intention in life is to do her best to create positive ripples and pitch in on efforts to make the world a better place. Her dream as a child was to be a country & western singer, but she was drawn to political campaign organizing instead as a young adult. After a stint in academia where she earned her master's degree in Sociology with a Women’s Studies concentration, Amy stepped back from the paid workforce to support her sons as they home-schooled. While not busy leading backyard chemistry experiments with her sons, Amy was active in the community organizing a sustainability-focused community swap meet and a recurring local kid arts show, among other pursuits. She also freelanced by writing content for various websites and coordinating social media accounts.   

When the opportunity arose to join the Global Gifts team in Columbus, Ohio in 2014, Amy jumped right in. Fair Trade principles centered on providing sustainable economic opportunities for skillful artisans, farmers, & producers in the Global South as well as the missions behind local social enterprises are a natural fit for the trajectory of interests Amy’s held from a young age. After almost 4 years as Assistant Manager and Volunteer Coordinator at Global Gifts in the Short North Arts District, Amy became store manager in 2018. One of her favorite things about being a store manager in this nonprofit organization is the true spirit of teamwork. She looks forward to continued learning, growth, and expansion in this organization.  

Sarah Swank, Marketing Manager


Sarah comes to us from HOPE Mentoring, Indiana and has founded her own travel blog, Suitcase Six. As a volunteer at the Bloomington store while she was earning her BA from Indiana University in History and Mental Health, Sarah learned first hand how Fair Trade directly impacts the lives of artisans and small producers. 

We are excited to have Sarah onboard to give voice to our Fair Trade mission and wonderful handmade products!  

Frances Wilson, Volunteer Coordinator & Assistant Manager


Frances has a life-long fascination with creation and crafting.  Since she was a child, she has been making things from whatever she had on hand, be it plastic bags, cardboard, knitting needles, and in at least one instance, a grapefruit bag, leftover yarn, and a twist tie.  Although her eclectic academic and professional history had not prepared her to appreciate the social necessities of fair trade, the artistry inside Global Gifts kept her enraptured.  She started volunteering at the Short North location in 2015, became a staff member in 2016, and took on the role of Volunteer Coordinator in 2018.  With Global Gifts, she enjoys sharing what she has learned about fair trade with volunteers and customers, as well as working toward a more just and sustainable future for everyone.


Gina Huff, Volunteer Coordinator & Assistant Manager

Gina Huff joined Global Gifts as Volunteer Coordinator in January 2020. Her background includes several years of volunteer management in the hospital and church setting. While serving as Volunteer Coordinator at Johnson Memorial Health, she managed the hospital’s gift shop. Through that experience, she discovered a love for retail that existed to fund such things as medical scholarships and stuffed animals for pediatric surgery patients. She also recognized that a gift shop could be a beautiful respite for staff and customers alike. Her appreciation for nonprofit retail grew exponentially when she joined Global Gifts. Although new to the Fair Trade concept, she sees it as a natural “next step” for anyone who wants to love and serve humanity.

Gina holds a BA in Elementary Education from Franklin College and a MA in Christian Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.



Kim Lingeman, Volunteer Coordinator & Assistant Manager


While working toward a B.S. in Public Affairs at Indiana University in Bloomington, Kim got her first taste of the fair trade movement when a volunteering friend recommended that she visit the local Global Gifts shop. Meanwhile, Kim was already involved with, and eventually President of, the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance at IU, served on the committee for the Homeward Bound 5K Walk to help prevent homelessness, and interned with Stepping Stones, Inc. But she signed up to be a volunteer at anyway! Being at Global Gifts reinforced her desire to make a positive impact on people through the career she was building.

After graduating from IU, Kim moved away from Bloomington to manage a nonprofit dance studio in Columbus, IN and in 2017, she took over Dancers Studio, Inc. as Co-Director. Global Gifts was still dear to her heart though, so she was thrilled that while her family was deciding to make a move to the Indianapolis area, the position of Volunteer Coordinator/Assistant Manager became available at Nora! Kim joined the Nora team in that position in January 2020, where the sudden surprise of the COVID-19 pandemic still didn't stop her from diving right into her new responsibilities! Kim is excited to expand her fair trade knowledge and dive deeper into creating relationships with our volunteer team!


Melissa Adkins, Volunteer Coordinator & Assistant Manager



Melissa joined Global Gifts as the Volunteer Coordinator/Assistant Manager in 2018. Her background consists of working in Student Affairs at Indiana University Bloomington, particularly in areas of community development, safety, diversity and inclusion education, and sexual violence prevention. With a focus in Arts Administration in her academic studies and a personal love for artmaking, Global Gifts was the perfect step for combining her love for creativity and activism. 


Melissa serves on the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) committee and her favorite part of the job is working with volunteers to further the fair trade mission to make the world a more equitable place. She believes that a huge part of activism is what we do with our daily actions, and she appreciates how the Fair Trade movement addresses many of the root causes of inequity and challenges us to look beyond ourselves. 


Marybeth Auletto, Volunteer Ambassador – Short North



Kaylynn Kenekham, Volunteer Ambassador - Mass Ave 



Marcella Slabosky, Volunteer Ambassador - Nora 



Jules Wood, Volunteer Ambassador - Bloomington