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The Best Mother's Day Gifts for any Love Language

The Best Mother's Day Gifts for any Love Language

Moms are some of the most special people in our lives, and on Mother's Day we get a chance to let them know how much we appreciate them. Not all moms like to be appreciate the same way though! 

This year, we've curated a special list of unique gifts designed just for your mom and the way she loves to be loved. 

Here are our favorite gifts for each love language - all handmade and fair trade.


1. For moms who love words of affirmation

A Handwritten Card

Mom of the Year Keychain

Mexican Proverbs T-Shirt


Words of affirmation means mom loves to hear "I love you"! Tell her how much you appreciate her with a handwritten card.

She might also love the Mom of the Year keychain she can carry around as a reminder of how amazing she is.

And we're sure she'll love the Mexican proverb featured on the Fair Anita tee: "They tried to bury us. They didn't know we were seeds."


2. For moms who love quality time

DIY Quilling Card Set

Mugs for a Tea or Coffee Date

Gift Card for a Global Gifts Shopping Date

These gifts are perfect for spending an afternoon with mom - the ideal gift for someone whose love language is quality time.

Try a DIY quilling card set for a crafty activity you can learn together, or get mom a new mug and her favorite coffee or tea and ask her some questions about herself!

If she likes to shop, a gift card might be perfect for a day of shopping together. 


3. For moms who love receiving gifts

Cruelty-Free Butterfly Wing Earrings

Sunflower Drum Art

Self-Care Mystery Boxes

For moms who are tickled when you find the perfect gift for them, we've got some really unique items with stories she'll love! Our butterfly wing collection is made from cruelty-free butterfly wings, harvested after the butterflies end their natural life cycle.

Our Haitian drum art is made out of recycled oil drums and turned into colorful wall hangings that will brighten your day.

Customer favorite mystery boxes make a fun gift for the mom who likes surprises. We've got lots of themes, including self-care, chocolate lovers, coffee lovers, and a chef's box. 


4. For moms who love acts of service

Make a Donation to Global Gifts

Bring over some homemade bread or rolls for Mom

Install a birdhouse in mom's back yard

If acts of service are your mom's preferred love language, why not make a donation to Global Gifts in her honor? We're a registered non-profit with a mission all moms can get behind.

If baking is a skill you've mastered, grab one of our gorgeous bread warmers and whip up some rolls before you visit Mom on Mother's Day.

Maybe mom loves to watch birds - install a birdhouse for her and gift her hours of birdwatching entertainment!


5. For moms who love physical touch

Mother & Daughter Bracelet


Relaxing Bath Salts


Soft Kantha Patchwork Throw

The fifth love language is physical touch. If this is your mom's preferred love language, she'd probably be happy with a big hug (if it's safe to do so!)

This mother/daughter bracelet set can be a physical reminder of your love though, each day she puts it on her wrist!

If you want to gift mom a soothing physical experience, bath salts or a soft kantha throw are wonderful options too.


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