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Cafe Salvador Drip Ground

Cafe Salvador Drip
In stock
Article number: 3327001

A full bodied, balanced and smooth coffee with tasting notes of chocolate brownie, fudge, and maple syrup, grown by small farmer co-operatives in El Salvador. No added flavoring.


Equal Exchange packaged coffee is the perfect way to get your home-brewed cup of Fair Trade organic coffee. Their coffee is made from coffee beans sourced from small-scale producers and farmers around the world.


Solidarity in El Salvador

The Las Colinas co-operative in El Salvador is collectively farmed and managed on the site of an old coffee plantation. The agrarian reform of 1980 redistributed land throughout El Salvador from large-scale coffee growers into the hands of coffee pickers and laborers. But exorbitant interest rates on the loans used to purchase the land mean that today, producers struggle to finance their debt and stay on their land. Equal Exchange is supporting the co-op members' endeavors by purchasing the majority of their coffee crop.

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