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50 Real Heroes for Boys Hardcover Book

Fifty Real Heroes for Boys
In stock

Filled with examples of real-life heroism, this book allows children to learn more about what it takes to be a positive influence in the life of others. Included are people from every walk of life, ranging from well-known heroes like Frederick Douglass and J.K. Rowling to lesser-known though no less important individuals like Hawaiian swimmer Duke Kahanamoku, and Katherin Johnson who worked as a NASA mathematician helping to put the first team on the moon. Each role model is differentiated by the "special power" they used to impact the world around them; Including traits like compassion, forgiveness, creativity, perseverance, humor, and more, readers will learn to live by example through the lives of these individuals along with helpful tips on how they themselves can become a hero in society. This book also contains illustrations from fifteen artists, each applying their own personal and creative stylings and allowing children to attribute a distinctive image to every story.

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