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The Ohio State University Global Leadership Initiative

The Ohio State University Global Leadership Initiative

Global Gifts has partnered with The Ohio State University Global Leadership Initiative through the Office of International Affairs to increase education about fair trade and ethical consumption!

The Global Leadership Initiative (GLI) “program focuses on building various skills to prepare students in becoming well-rounded global citizens and leaders. The yearly cohort consists of 24 international and domestic students who participate in…activities to achieve the goal of a more globalized campus environment, improvement of social awareness and a focus on career professionalism”.

As part of their project this year, GLI created a presentation on “Labor Rights Across the Globe”, focusing on the rights of workers in various industries, such as conflict minerals in the Democratic Republic of Congo, chocolate and agriculture, and fast fashion.

Check out the website the GLI created to showcase this partnership.



The presentation further stresses the importance of fair trade and its impact on the aforementioned industries and beyond. Global Gifts provided a short introductory video to fair trade, the mission, the impact, and how individuals can support fair trade in their every day lives to promote a more equitable local and global community.

The full presentation can be found here.

Global Gifts is featured in the presentation, as well as in a map that the GLI cohort created. This map highlights ethically minded shops, eateries, and galleries around Columbus. Check it out below:



Thank you to the OSU Global Leadership Initiative for partnering with us on this outreach project! We at Global Gifts are excited by the passion that the students with GLI bring to fair trade and the commitment to increasing awareness of its importance.