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Organic Assam Black Tea 20pc Box

Organic Assam Black Tea 20pc Box
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Article number: 13317

This mellow and malty Assam black tea celebrates the unique flavor characteristics of the Assam tea-growing region. Add milk to enhance your experience.

1 box (20 tea bags per box).

Instructions: Bring water to boil (212F). Steep for 4-5 minutes.

Ingredients: Organic Black Tea Leaves

Most teas—even those that are certified as fair trade—come from large plantations that were established under colonialism. Workers on these plantations have little say and are trapped in a system of dependency. Global Gifts is proud to partner with Equal Exchange, who is building a different tea model, one that gives small-scale farmers greater access to the market, affording them more economic power and healthier communities. With your support, we can help tea farmers build their own democratic organizations and reshape the industry.


A new initiative in the Assam region

We are proud to support the emerging Karbi-Anglong Small Farmers tea project in Assam, India. Assam became the epicenter of the colonial tea plantation system in the 1800s when the British lost their trade monopoly with China. Vast plantations were established under British rule and workers were coerced from the most vulnerable populations in central India through indentured contracts to labor on the plantations.

Today, Assam's tea plantations are still fraught with labor injustices and many plantation laborers live and work in terrible conditions. The Karbi-Anglong Small Farmers tea project represents the beginning of a small farmer tea model in Assam. Together, we’re building an alternative tea model and a farmer-led future for the tea industry.

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