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Kitenge Flaxseed Pillow with Lavender

Kitenge Flaxseed Pillow with Lavender
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Article number: Kenya

These handmade kitenge warming pillows are filled with flaxseed and dried lavender flowers. The flaxseed can be warmed for topical heat, or frozen for a cold pack. Dried lavender flowers emit a soft, relaxing fragrance during use.

  • Flaxseed provides a gentle, moist heat which promotes healing.
  • Flaxseeds are flower seeds, rather than grains, so they contain 30-40% oil which remains inside the seed to be warmed again and again. Other products lose their ability to retain heat as the water cooks out of them over time.
  • When heated, flaxseed pillows retain half their heat after an hour. Under covers (think about those toes…) the pillow will still be warm hours later.
  • Flax never has that “cooked grain” smell other grain based products have when heated over and over again.
  • The weight of flaxseed is gentle and comforting.
  • Flaxseed pillows can also be chilled in the freezer to sooth fevers or slight inflammations, though they don’t get cold enough to provide the numbness needed for things like sprains and back injuries.

Size: 8" long by 5" wide

East African Kitenge (wax print) fabric is sourced locally in Kenya. Cotton is grown in nearby Tanzania. 

100% cotton

Wax print fabric colors and patterns will vary. Specific color preference in notes at checkout, but availability not guaranteed.

Handmade and Fair Trade from Kenya

Creation Hive is a fair trade group that provides sustainable income opportunities artisans in Kenya with HIV and other chronic diseases. When you purchase a Creation Hive item, you are helping to provide skills training and employment opportunities that give the artisans and their children an avenue to rebuild their lives economically and socially.

At Global Gifts, we work with vendors and artisans who are fair trade verified to bring you items that are ethically and sustainably made. Fair trade gifts are handmade by artisans around the world and they all have special stories. You might notice slight variations in this product from the product photo.

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