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Zambian Soap

Zambian Soap
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Article number: Zambia

Fair Trade, organic soap handmade in the markets of Zambia from organically grown and wild harvested ingredients. Choose from the following:

  • Lemongrass - A lively yellow citrus soap with lemongrass essential oil and ground turmeric for color and skin conditioning.

  • Sweet Basil - The newest addition to our all-natural soap bar scents. Sweet Basil makes a wonderfully scented soap with Moringa Leaf powder added for a rich color.

  • Cassia - Spicy cassia and cinnamon essential oils blend for an invigorating fragrance. Ground cinnamon and a pinch of paprika give it a distinctive color.

  • Lavender - Soothing essential oil of lavender with a sprinkling of ground poppyseed for exfoliation give this soap a lovely air.

  • Spearmint - A refreshing spearmint soap swirled with crushed leaves for color and texture.

Committed to sustainable and regenerative organic farming techniques, Zambian Soap Co's production provides local farmers an alternative to destructive slash-and-burn practices. By using only organic farming techniques to produce ingredients, we’re helping to keep this beautiful African environment free from dangerous chemicals and pesticides. Organic means keeping you, our workers and future generations healthy.

Handmade and Fair Trade from Zambia

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