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Wooden Labyrinth Game

wooden circle labyrinth game
19 in stock
Article number: India

This ethically sourced classic wood labyrinth game is played by maneuvering metal beads through the hand carved, Indian Rosewood maze.
Please note: This game has small parts. Not suitable for small children.

The traditional craft of woodcarving plays an important role for many artisan communities in small towns and agricultural villages in north central India. Each artisan uses hand tools to skillfully carve blocks of sustainably harvested wood into fine treasures. This art form requires mastery to create the intricate carving, filigree, and inlay work. Many of the patterns are deeply influenced by cultural motifs from Muslim dynasties that ruled the region centuries ago.

These woodcraft artisans belong to collectives in the region that provide basic services and development solutions to enable self-sufficiency, including healthcare and education. Literacy rates and income opportunities are quite limited in the area, so woodcraft production is vital for community livelihoods. 

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Dimensions: 6" D, 0.5" H


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