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Real Butterfly Wing Sterling Silver Pendant - 1.5" 112 Chrysiridia Rhipheus/Sunset Moth

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Article number: 647179

A real butterfly wing framed in sterling silver makes a beautiful and unusual gift! This jewelry is fair trade, handmade, and cruelty-free, as the wings are collected after the butterflies die naturally. Metallic Rainbow colors may vary slightly, but all are stunning! Pairs with our Butterfly Wing Teardrop Shaped Earrings and Bracelet. Comes in a banana fiber gift box with information card. (pendant only, does not include chain)

In one of the most impoverished places in Peru, along the Huallaga River in the Amazon Jungle, lives the Shipibo Indigenous Community. These artisans are coffee farmers for most of the year. During the off season, they use butterflies to pollinate their crops, then they collect the dead butterflies from the jungle floor and turn their wings into 
beautiful jewelry. This provides the artisans with enough income to make it through their off season.

Available online and in stores.

Materials: Butterfly Wing, Sterling Silver, Acrylic glass
Size: 1.25" long
Country of Origin:  Peru
Sku: 647179

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