Cotton Gyari 4-Zip Passport Bag

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This cotton passport bag in traditional Nepali Gyari fabric is a stylish and practical way to stow your essentials when you're on the go.
10" X 11" with a 26.5" strap
Assorted colors and patterns.
Handmade and Fair Trade from Nepal
Baburam and Arjun are co-owners of Tibet Wears. Often it is just the two of them working to fill orders and so they are not often involved in employing someone else.  If they have more work than what the two of them can do they employ workers on a piece rate system where the worker determines the price and how much they want to work.  Their normal work day is 8 hours.  If someone is interested in working with them a lot then they will try to provide as much work as they can for the person and provide holiday leave.  Mostly, however, it is just Baburam and Arjun.  They work well together  This is a tiny micro-enterprise where two people have mutually benefited from each other’s talents.
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