Brown Paper Leather Lined Journal

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A great gift for your most courageous companion, the Leather Paper Journal is made from gutsy fiber! This tear-resistant material is an innovation developed by the artisans at Salay Handmade Industries in the Philippines.

Handmade paper journal with handmade paper cover
4x6 inches
30 sheets; 60 pages
Fair Trade and Handmade in Philippines

Salay Handmade Products Industries produces and markets handmade paper and handcrafted products with pressed flower designs. Using cogon grass, a weed that interferes with local farming, and other natural fibers, workers create lovely papers and boxes, many decorated with dried flowers. Benefits to workers include pensions and profit sharing.

Salay Industries was founded in 1987 by Loreta Rafisura, a nurse-turned-entrepreneur, and her husband, Dr. Reynaldo. It began as a civic organization known as People's Economic Council (PEC). Ten local supporters began this NGO to create employment for people in the community of Salay, on the island of Mindanao, in an area with little industry and a history of political unrest. Through experimentation, the group developed its trademark handmade paper. In 1990 the papermakers incorporated separately from PEC as Salay Handmade Paper Industries, Incorporated (SHAPII). Through global marketing, Salay was introduced to the concept of fair trade and began providing development assistance to its artisans. In 2015, in keeping with its expanded product line, the group changed its name Salay Handmade Products Industries. Paper is a member of the International Fair Trade Association (IFAT).

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