We are very pleased to partner with your organization for a Community Shopping Night!

Each year, Global Gifts works with local organizations whose missions echo our own: championing social justice, gender equality, opportunity for disadvantaged populations, and/or environmental responsibility. Community Shopping Nights help raise awareness of your organization and funding for your initiatives. Shopping Nights also give your audience the special opportunity to positively influence the world by doing their holiday shopping at Global Gifts! All purchases directly impact lives and communities in developing countries across the globe.

The Basics:

Your Community Shopping Night will be a one-night event from 5:00pm to close (closing times vary at each store location) on the date you arranged with the store manager. During that time, when anyone makes a purchase at the assigned store(s), we will return 10% of the proceeds to your organization. 

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Promoting Your Event

Need marketing ideas? Here are some tips to help you promote your Community Shopping Night!

Global Gifts promotes the Community Shopping Nights program via social media and through customer emails, but it's up to YOU to spread the word with your staff, board of directors, volunteers, and supporters. We provide you with resources and guidance to help promote your Community Shopping Night, but it's your responsibility to promote the event in your community. We recommend that you post information on various social media channels, distribute press releases to local media, submit your event to online community calendars, and share digital and/or printed flyers. 

Here are some more marketing suggestions to help you get started.

Organization Newsletter: If your organization has a newsletter, submit information about the event for publication soon. Some newsletters need an article and photo at least one or two months in advance, so it’s best to get this information to your public relations team early.

Facebook Event: Social media is a great way to reach your following and a Facebook event helps keep your supporters and the larger community informed while building interest and excitement. Keep up engagement before the event takes place with regular updates on your event page. You’ll want to create this at least one month in advance, and get your staff, volunteers, and membership to RSVP and share the event with their friends and family! Not sure what to write? Here's a great example of a Community Shopping Night event description. Feel free to use this create your very own.

"Make your holiday shopping count! Join us at Global Gifts on [your date] from 5:00 to 8:00 pm and 10% of your purchases will benefit [Your Organization Name].

Global Gifts offers unique items from around the world, including jewelry, accessories, home goods, toys, and more; and, because all their products are fair trade, your purchases support fair pay, gender equality, and life-changing opportunities for disadvantaged artisans."

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Posts during the 2 weeks preceding your event will increase awareness and get people planning ahead to attend. You can also link to your Facebook event from Twitter and drive more traffic and create more opportunities for engagement.

Email Blast: An email blast out to your membership 2-3 weeks prior to the event helps get the word out. Be sure to make the email only about your shopping night, with the details in the subject header. In the body of your email, be specific about the when, where, and why, as well as what the fundraising will support so members feel good about how their support helps your organization. Be sure to link to your Facebook event so people can RSVP! (You might need to coordinate with your organization’s public relations team to access email lists.)

Event Sites: Some organizations use services like EventBrite to reach their guests. Your organization may already be using something like this so check with public relations team to see what may already be set up!

Flyers: Printing and hanging up fliers in and around your area is also a great way to raise awareness. We provide a template for you to customize. If you create your own flyer, be sure to make your event date, time, the store’s address, and your organization name the main focus of the flyer. 

Make your Community Shopping Night special! To generate enthusiasm for your event, it helps to plan and provide entertainment and refreshments for your guests while they shop. You could bake cookies, have someone give a presentation, or offer live music. We would love to hear your ideas and are open to creating an inviting and engaging atmosphere during your shopping night.

Remind, Remind, Remind! Your audience needs to hear from you early and often, in a variety of ways. Post updates at least once a week on your social media pages, and spread the word via other mediums as often as possible. You can spread the word in a variety of ways. For example, you might describe how you'll use the funds from your shopping night, or tell your audiences about some of the great products Global Gifts offers (fair trade jewelry, accessories, home goods, coffee, chocolate and more), or tell them that they're helping two great causes when they attend your shopping night (read about the impact of fair trade here). In every reminder, don't forget to include the date, time, and location(s) of your event. Also, don't forget to tag us in your social media posts. We'll favorite, share, like, and spread the love!

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