Global Gifts' North American artisan partners produce fair trade food items, handbags, jewelry and more. These are just a few of the North American artisan groups we represent: 

Comite Artisanal Haitien
Soup of Success


Comite Artisanal Haitien, Haiti

The nonprofit Comité Artisanal Haitien (CAH) was founded in 1973 to help rural craftspeople sell their wares in Port–au–Prince, to provide income and to help reduce the flow of migration from the countryside to the city. Though rural to urban migration continues, CAH helps artisans earn a living from their skills. The economic situation in Haiti is bleak, and the need for income generation is great. CAH craft sales often are the sole income source for artisans and their families.

CAH markets and exports crafts made by Haitian artisans, cooperatives and craft groups, who depend on CAH to find a fair price for their handicrafts. CAH provides marketing and promotional expertise, training in literacy and business skills for artisans, and financial assistance in case of health emergencies.

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Soup of Success, Indiana, United States

Soup Of Success is a job and life skills training program for women who are dealing with difficult life situations, making positive changes and striving toward self-sufficiency. All proceeds from the sale of Soup of Success products are returned back to the program to cover the training wages of participants. The more products sold, the more women they can help.

Soup Of Success was born in December 1997 when Church Community Services (CCS) wanted to find a way to delve deeper into the lives of their clients to try to get at the root causes of poverty. Betsy Ayrea was its first director, a role in which she still serves. The intensive program began with one participant in the basement of 1st Congregational Church in downtown Elkhart, Ind. Classes were held in the fellowship hall, and its first product, Ruth’s 5-Bean Soup, was produced in the kitchen. The dip/dressing line was launched that first summer.

SOS: The Key to Job and Life Skills Training
The Soup Of Success Job & Life Skills Training Program (SOS) is a voluntary program and does not accept court ordered participation. Referrals come from all over the county including therapists, schools, agencies, shelters, word of mouth and from Church Community Services pantry and financial assistance programs. Women must be at least 18 years old, be literate, and must be free from alcohol or drugs.  If they do not already possess a minimum of a GED, they must be willing to immediately enter into a GED program.  Women put their names on the waiting list and must undergo an interview before being accepted into the SOS program.

Soup Of Success is an intensive 20-week (20 hours per week) program that addresses the whole woman mentally, physically and spiritually.  Empowerment is at the core of everything they do. They help the participants find their voices, discover their direction, establish their goals, and then help them figure out a way to overcome obstacles and achieve those goals.

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