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Lotus Heart Ceramic Incense Burner

Lotus Heart Ceramic Incense
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Article number: Nepal


The lotus is a symbol of purity, especially mental purity. While its roots lie in the mud, its flower is a thing of perfection. Likewise, in humans, we also have the potential to attain perfection through using wisdom to realize the true nature of our existence. Light incense using the Lotus Heart to generate a higher state of mindfulnes.

This stylized lotus incense burner is made by the Association of Craft Producers in Nepal. Artisans use white clay and hand crafted molds to cast the burn and then bake in a traditional brick kiln. Holes are sized for either Tibetan or resin stick incense, or both.

Size: 3.5"dia

Handmade and Fair Trade from Nepal

SKU: 424036

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