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Layered Thai Dye Tunic

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Article number: 9892288

A great "layered" tunic, so called because of the different layers of fabric at the hem. Wear over jeans or leggings for a casual look, or dress it up over a black skirt!
One size. Rayon spandex.

Machine wash separately

Available in blue, gray, green, purple, rainbow, teal, or turquoise tie dye on black. Specify desired colorway in notes, although tie dye items are unique so no two are exactly alike.

Handmade and Fair Trade from Thailand. Thailand is a country rich in beauty and full of skilled artisans, but it can be hard for even the most talented to make a living.  Many artisans must take low-wage jobs as manual laborers or farmers.  This is especially true for ethnic minorities, refugees and farm workers.  We support talented artisans from these groups so their skills can shine.

SKU: 9892288

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