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Whole Bean Half-Caf Blend Mother's Little Helper

Whole Bean Light Roast Rwandan Coffee
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Article number: Mexico/Timor

A blend of high-altitude, Swiss Water® processed Mexican decaf and our beloved Timor dark roast coffees. Chocolatey base with notes of caramel.

We developed Mother’s Little Helper as a tip-of-the-hat to pregnant and nursing moms everywhere. We know that those early days of parenthood are some of the most challenging, and that during this time, many moms rely on the comfort and aid of their friend Coffee more than ever. Drink this blend confidently, knowing that it is Swiss Water Processed for your health and Fair Trade Certified for your conscience, with half the caffeine of our regular beans. Also, it’s not just for mothers. But mostly it is. <3


Hopscotch Coffee

At Hopscotch, we source primarily Fair Trade certified coffee because it helps ensure better living and working conditions for women. It promotes gender equity in a traditionally male-dominated field through its anti-discrimination policies, democratic decision-making processes, training programs, and rules against sexual harassment and intimidation.  

We also work with a variety of green brokers who trade directly with coffee growers and offer great transparency in their practices. We are especially proud of our relationship with Zen Cafe in South Bend, IN, who works tirelessly to get the most money possible into the hands of coffee farmers. Watch our social media for availability of these premium coffees.

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