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Fire Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate with cayenne, cinnamon, and salt
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Fire Chocolate (77% with Cayenne, Cinnamon & Salt) - Another high cacao offering, since we seem to have lots of customers that don't need sugar to have a good time. Ayurvedic medicine recommends heat producing foods to combat the heat of the summer. This chocolate brings it on with representation of all the ayurvedic flavor facets: sour, bitter, astringent, sweet, spicy, & salty. The cayenne makes it seriously spicy! Cinnamon has been getting attention lately as a healthy spice. We use Vietnamese cinnamon, rich in antioxidants, and considered anti-inflammatory. 

2.1 ounce bar

River-Sea Chocolates partners with small-scale growers who use sustainable farming methods. Many of the farms are too small and remote to afford international certifications like Fair Trade or Organic, but they live by these principles in their business practices.Cacao farming and direct trade empowers community development and provides incentive for natives of tropical countries to work in an environmentally friendly way, maintaining natural forestry and Earth's oxygen. Cacao trees can be planted in the shade of existing jungle canopy, discouraging logging or other devastating options that exploit vital habitats and contribute to species extinction.  
Your purchase supports educational programs for litter clean-up and prevention in the Amazon River Basin.

SKU: 367006

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