Cinnamon Almond Snacking Chocolate

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Irresistible 72% dark snacking chocolate pieces with 100% almonds and a hint of cinnamon. Vegan, low in sugar, and made with fair trade cocoa. 2.5 oz.

Ingredients: cacao beans, pure cane sugar, organic almonds, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin, vanilla beans, organic cinnamon. May contain trace amounts of milk, soy, nuts.

Five North Chocolate wants to change the way you think about chocolate. The Long Island-based company creates chocolate snacks made with high-quality fair trade cacao sourced from sustainable partnerships with farmers in Ghana and the Ivory Coast. In an area of the world where cacao farmers are too often exploited and impoverished, your purchase ensures fair wages and safe working conditions, with no child labor.

Launched in 2016 by Ben Conard, a longtime fair trade advocate and health-conscious consumer, Five North Chocolate gets its name from the coordinates in West Africa where two-thirds of the world's cacao is grown. The company's chocolate is infused with 72% cacao, along with berries or nuts, creating a "superfood" snack consumers can feel good about eating. The goal is not only to empower consumers to take charge of their health and empower cocoa farmers through fair trade, but to encourage consumers to think broadly about where their food comes from, what kinds of ingredients are used, and how it impacts those who make it.

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