Global Gifts and Author Ingrid Hess Release First-of its-Kind Children’s Book about Fair Trade

Indianapolis, Ind. – March 22, 2010 – Global Gifts, a fair trade store with three locations in Indiana, and Ingrid Hess, author and illustrator of the books Sleep in Peace and Walk in Peace, have released a first-of-its-kind children’s book about fair trade.  The book, Think Fair Trade First, follows two children on a shopping trip with their aunt as she teaches them about fair trade and how shopping consciously can improve lives.   

Global Gifts is partnering with the Fair Trade Resource Network (FTRN) to bring Think Fair Trade First to a national audience.  Global Gifts and the author are co-publishing the book, which is edited by Global Gifts Executive Director Sam Carpenter.  

Carpenter believes that Think Fair Trade First will introduce fair trade to a new generation of supporters.  

Think Fair Trade First is the first book of its kind.  It combines a fun story for children with a clear and understandable message of how fair trade helps people,” Carpenter says.  “This book will fill an important niche for introducing fair trade to both children and adults.” 

Think Fair Trade First engages younger readers with the story of Stella, Henry, and Aunt Mabel, while older children can read the non-fiction informational sections that accompany the story.  Adults can gain a basic understanding from sharing the story with kids. 

Ingrid Hess, author and illustrator of Think Fair Trade First traveled to visit many of the artisans whose products are featured in the book.  About her experience she said, “Throughout my travels I was continually amazed at how significantly Fair Trade affects artisans and their families. The positive impact that Fair Trade has on entire communities is so inspiring.  One man in India who is president of a cooperative of artisans affected by leprosy told me, ‘Tell all the people that because of Fair Trade we haven’t had to beg for 28 years.’” 

Think Fair Trade First will have aninitial print run of 5000 copies.  Global Gifts’ three locations and many Ten Thousand Villages stores around the country will carry the book.  Hess’ previous titles,Sleep in Peace and Walk in Peace, are among Global Gifts’ top-selling children’s books.  Think Fair Trade First is also available from the FTRN website,

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