The Journey Begins

No... Fair Trade 101 isn’t going to be a beginners course in fair trade education – at least not in the way you might imagine. There are plenty of resources that already exist for that. Instead, this is a blog that will track a brand new venture as Global Gifts begins the journey with Imani Workshops to serve as their wholesaler and to expand their products to stores throughout the US.  I have been fortunate to work in fair trade for 13 years at the helm of Global Gifts and I wrote my master’s thesis on fair trade. Despite my background, I suspect that I and all the people involved with Global Gifts will receive an education around the very core of what fair trade is about as we begin working with the women of Imani Workshops in Eldoret Kenya. We will learn through getting to know one another, through success and failure, through joy and through frustration. But in the end, we hope and we believe that we will be successful in bringing the products of Imani Workshops to the US market and growing their sales to a sustainable level. It is a new adventure! It will be a journey, and we invite you to go along on this journey with us.

Mural Painted at Imani Workshops

(Mural painted at Imani Workshops)

This blog will track our progress and our strategy. It will track the development of new products, how they are created, how they are priced, and will share about the people who make them. It is my hope that as products become available in the US, readers of this blog will understand the story of their journey from Eldoret, Kenya to the US. But of course it is about more than just the products, it is about the relationships we build along the way and about the hope our sales can build for the women of Imani Workshops.

A bit about me as blogger: I’ve written one other blog about my experience with fair trade in Peru and I’m not the most regular of bloggers. I won’t be posting daily (except perhaps in spurts), probably not even every week. But as events unfold that are critical to our journey I will share them. Others who are involved will also contribute and share their own perspective. Let the journey begin.

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