What is YOUR Spirit Rug? Take the Quiz!

What is YOUR Spirit Rug? Take the Quiz!

Author: Noah Wotring, Global Gifts Community Engagement Intern 

Global Gifts in Columbus, Ohio is currently hosting a Fair Trade Rug Event featuring 300 rugs in a variety of styles and sizes that have been hand-knotted and woven by Pakistani artisans. Just for fun, we've created this short quiz which you can take to find out which style of rug you most identify with (in this life and beyond)!


While taking the quiz, make sure to keep track of your letter responses. At the end, tally how many of each letter you chose and then check the Spirit Rug Guide below to see which rug truly represents your soul.

1. I like to spend my weekends...

A. Home with a nice book (and a bottle of wine!)
B. At the clubs, at the bars, or anywhere there are people.
C. On my couch with a couple of feline friends.   
D. Taking online quizzes in search of your true self.

2. For dinner, I would prefer...

A. Delicious beet salad (or anything with veggies!)
B. Deep fried cage-free chicken. Mmm
C. Dinner? I’m going straight to dessert!
D. Whatever I ordered from my online delivery service, as long as it’s here fast.

3. My favorite cookie is...

A. Snickerdoodle, baby!
B. Chocolate chip, everyone loves chocolate chip!
C. Sugar cookie or bust!
D. Oatmeal raisin.

4. I would describe myself as

A. Classy. I enjoy the finer things in life.
B. Outgoing. I’m the life of the party
C. Calm and Collected.
D. A loner. But I don’t mind, I like to follow my own path.

Spirit Rug Guide

  1. A) Khan Mamdi : Like a Khan Mamdi rug, you find yourself in a world steeped with tradition and class. Your friends are clearly jealous of your impeccable sense of detail and design.  You like to think deeply about something before getting it done and everything you do is filled with a thoughtful purpose.

    The KHAN MAMDI rug might be for you.

  2. B) Kazak: Someone who likes to hang out in a crowd, you like to have a good time wherever fun can be found. Whether a bingo game at the local nursing home or a crazy night at a dance club in Miami, you long for fun times and companionship. 

    The communally-crafted KAZAK Rug may be for you.

  3. C) Beljik: You cry a lot. At the movies, in the shower, when you stub your toe, or even the time you watched that boy scout escort an elderly woman across a busy street. You can’t help but express your emotions.

    For someone who FEELS as much as you do, raw emotion can be hard to contain. The BELJIK rug, crafted from extra thick wool to soak up your tears of happiness, may be just what you’re looking for… (you’re crying now, aren’t you?)

  4. D) Shairwan: You understand that true fun and happiness come from self-understanding and awareness. Anyway, who has time to go to the movies when you have all these online quizzes to take?

    The SHAIRWAN rug, with its precise coloring techniques, may catch your eye enough to pull it off of your laptop.

Ready to embrace your spirit rug? Check out the Bunyaad Fair Trade Rug Event going on from Wednesday, March 7th to Sunday, March 11th at Global Gifts Short North!

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