Vanessa Visits Mitra-Bali Fair Trade in Indonesia!

Vanessa Visits Mitra-Bali Fair Trade in Indonesia!

Two years ago, Vanessa, a Global Gifts volunteer, left the U.S. to work in the Peace Corps in Botswana. Now that her work is coming to a close, she wanted to travel to a few more places, first stopping in Indonesia!

The above picture is her with Agung Alit, director and founder of Mitra-Bali Fair Trade in Indonesia. She is visiting and learning about how fair trade is impacting the artisan's lives. He says, 'Mitra Bali Fair Trade, supporting Artisans through Fair Trade since 1993” is not just our motto but what holds our business together as we strive along with our workers and artisans to create products reflecting the spirit and creativity necessary to bring Bali inspiration to the world. This is a double empowering, because our pride in Fair Trade is communicated worldwide. Our products and our people are the best they can be. Living in Bali has always been beautiful for a few, all around is natural beauty – now I hope to include the small people there through Fair Trade, moving ahead with their families and finances and quality of life.'

Below is a video about Mitra-Bali Fair Trade and the work that they do.



 Mitra-Bali Fair Trade works with a collection of artisans all over the island of Bali. Here are a couple artisans:

This is Amak Buda, a wood carver who creates cat ornaments (below).


Above is Inaq Sugiani, a silver worker who makes the sterling infinity jewelry (below).

They are husband and wife. Like most artisans in Indonesia, they also farm for a living.

We look forward to hearing more from Vanessa as she shares her experience with us!

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