Artisan Spotlight: Up-cycled Saris from Bangladesh

Artisan Spotlight: Up-cycled Saris from Bangladesh

Written by Emily Heller, Retail Studies Intern

On International Women's Day we highlighted an empowered group of Tibetan Nuns who were the first women to graduate with Geshema degrees! And because there are so many women's groups to celebrate, we wanted to show you another group of females who find fair trade work empowering! Hajiganj works with marginalized people in Bangladesh's Nilphamari District. The group is located in one of the poorest areas in Bangladesh, where people are mostly dependent on hiring out to rich farmers who pay very low wages. Benefits to artisans include profit distribution, a producer security fund, medical allowance and skill development.

Global Gifts carries many items made using recycled sari fabric; from baskets and hampers to flowers and jewelry! Watch the video from Ten Thousand Villages and find out how upcycled sari products impact women in Bangladesh!

After a sari’s lifespan is over they’re grouped together and sold to keep them from cluttering landfills. Thanks to the recycling of sari’s and the business it creates it keeps women from working in dangerous garment factories. This is a safe and effective way for women to be paid fair wages, which helps them to take care of their family.

Here are some Global Gifts items made from up-cycled saris:

Baskets and Hampers:

Blankets and Throws:

Wire Flowers:

String Sports Bags:

And so many more with every piece showing a unique color and pattern! Which one is your favorite?!


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