The Dress that's MORE than Just a Pretty Dress

The Dress that's MORE than Just a Pretty Dress

For many families in the United States, the end of summer is a busy time preparing for the start of a new school year. Backpacks, notebooks, pencils, and back-to-school clothes are purchased to provide kids with what they need to learn and grow.

This isn’t the reality for children in developing countries around the world.

While there have been significant improvements, according to the United Nations…

  • Around 57 million children do not attend school.
  • About 50% of children who aren’t attending school live in conflict-affected areas. 
  • An estimated 103 million youth lack basic literacy skills. 
  • More than 60% of those lacking basic literacy skills are girls and young women. 

India is one country where government and organizational efforts are making a positive difference. Enrollment for both boys and girls in primary and early secondary school has continued to rise in recent years. However, more work to ensure gender parity and literacy for all adults is needed, especially for women who represent that largest group of illiterate people on the Indian Subcontinent.

The Fair Trade organization, Mata Traders, is facilitating change and improving education and literacy rates for women and their children in India. Being in a Mata Traders Fair Trade cooperative not only gives women the opportunity to develop craft and job skills, because they earn a guaranteed fair wage, they are able to send their children—girls and boys-- to school for a full secondary and undergraduate education as well.

Stop by a Global Gifts store to see new fall styles in Mata Traders’ skillfully handmade dresses, tops, and jewelry. This apparel and accessory line is perfect for work, play, or just hanging out. And, best of all, your purchase helps women and their families better their lives!

Hear Mata Traders artisans, in their own words, explain why a pretty dress is far MORE than just a dress…



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