Summer Fun with Pocket Discs

Summer Fun with Pocket Discs

They’re lightweight, portable, and durable! Pocket discs are perfect for fun anytime and anywhere, especially now that summer is officially here. It’s okay to play with them indoors and they’re sturdy enough to use outside too!

The Pocket Disc organization is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and is also a Green Certified Business. They work with Mayan artisans in Guatemala who are able to improve their lives by crocheting Pocket Discs from hand washable cotton yarn.

Easy to use for people of all ages, just pass the disc back and forth with a friend or a group of friends.  Throw a Pocket Disc as you would a traditional disc by holding it in the “seam” of your hand with thumb on top and fingers on the bottom of the disc. As you throw, think of the disc as an extension of your arm and wind up and release it in the direction you want the disc to go.

Get creative and play games like these suggested by our friends at Pocket Disc…

*Ceiling Fan 500: Toss a pocket disc into a spinning ceiling fan as friends on the other side of room try to catch it. (Move breakables in the room out of the way first!)

*Pocket Disc Bowling: Set up plastic or paper cups in a line and throw the pocket disc to knock them down. Good luck bowling a strike!

*Invent a game all your own. Visit the Global Gifts’ Facebook page and let us know how YOU enjoy playing with your Pocket Disc!

Global Gifts Short North will be giving away a Pocket Disc to one lucky winner at the July Gallery Hop on Saturday, July 2nd. Stop by during store hours to sign up for your chance to win a Pocket Disc of your choice!










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