Resolve to Buy More Fair Trade in 2017

Resolve to Buy More Fair Trade in 2017

When starting a New Year's resolution in 2017, we think about eating healthier, trying yoga, traveling to a new state or country, and even shedding a few pounds at that new hip gym around the corner. We want to improve our own lives and a "new year" gives us an opportunity to grow and learn, right?

We at Global Gifts are here say that in 2017, we should resolve to improve the lives of others! Find ways to be more of an advocate for the marginalized in your communities, local and global. This may seem like a daunting task, but did you know that your spending dollars, the ones in your very wallet, impact this world every time you spend them?

You choose better business standards, regulate fairer wages for workers, and shape environmental policy just by carefully choosing where you buy your jewelry, home decor, socks, journals, and gifts for friends. When you buy Fair Trade, you are telling the world that you buy goods that ensure safe and empowering working conditions, the rights of children to play and learn instead of work, and sustainable practices that encourage recycling and cleaner energy. You are guaranteeing fair treatment to marginalized peoples and telling other corporate companies that fairness matters.

We challenge you, in 2017, to buy more fair trade where you can. The few more dollars you spend on chocolate, tea, or coffee next year will improve the lives of artisans and small farmers all over the world! Go one step further and increase your impact by volunteering at a nonprofit that you've admired from afar (try volunteering with us!).

What will you do in 2017 to impact the world? Leave us a comment!

Learn more about Fair Trade principles here.

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