New In Store: The "Roll-On" Bracelet

New In Store: The

Beauty That's Deeper Than The Surface...

Long-time Nora store volunteer, Elizabeth Blanchard, just fell in love with our newest arrivals in the jewelry department: Roll-On Bracelets. She was initially attracted to their easy-to-wear comfort and intricate designs -- and then she looked further into the story behind the product...

"I can stack them, mix and match them and they're so light I don't even know I have them on... but I also love knowing that I'm wearing a product made by women in Nepal who have safe and sustainable work to support their families. Gosh, how great would it be to get one of these in an Easter basket?" 

One of our greatest powers as consumers in the in the Western World is how we choose to spend our time and our money. The maker of these bracelets, Aid Through Trade, has built their entire organization with this in mind. As a Fair Trade pioneer and founding member of Fair Trade Federation, they change the lives of women through ethical, and sustainable employment.

The company started with only four artisans and now provides work for over 200 artisans -- mostly women -- in several villages who take pride in their creations. In a part of the world where women are often marginalized, ATT artisans are treated with kindness, respect, and fair pay.

Elizabeth, a volunteer at the Nora store for over five years, is also a treasure whose beauty runs far deeper than the surface, though she's far too modest to let us highlight her fine qualities publicly. 

Indeed, we're appreciative of all our volunteers at the Nora store (some of whom are nearing 30 years of service). We really can't do this work without them. 

Are you looking for a fun volunteer community on the north side of Indianapolis? Consider volunteering at our Nora store! Click here to apply.

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