Meet Our Volunteer: Madison Millard

Meet Our Volunteer: Madison Millard
Madison is a recent graduate from North Central High School where she participated in symphony orchestra, French Honor Society, National Honor Society, LionCatchers tutoring, and the International Baccalaureate Program. During her freshman year, she joined a newly formed club called Melodies for Mankind, a club for musicians who wanted to spread joy in the community through music. She became president of the club her sophomore year. They have played for nursing homes, Global Gifts, and hospitals.
Madison is passionate about global missions and has volunteered at the Global Gifts in Nora Plaza since 2015. She just returned from Haiti with her family and church members after 5 days in Fondwa and 2 days in Port au Prince. While in Fondwa they helped install a water purification system for the orphanage. They also helped haul rocks for construction of a house, paint one of the Sister's houses, and play with children in the orphanage.
Her dream is to travel the world. What she loves about traveling/missions are the connections she makes. Her favorite thing about volunteering at Global Gifts is supporting individual farmers and artisans for their hard work. 

This fall, Madison will be a student at Butler University studying psychology and french. She will also be in Butler's symphony orchestra. 

Madison wants to be a child life specialist or an occupational therapist. 
Thank you, Madison, for your positive energy and compassionate heart! You are such a joy to work with and we wish you well at college this fall.
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