Llama Keychains are BACK!

Llama Keychains are BACK!

Adorable llama keychains, handmade from alpaca wool by Peruvian artisans, are back in stock at Global Gifts! These critters come in a variety of colors and each one has a unique expression or aspect. Llama keychains are great adornments for backpacks or to help keep track of your keys. They’re fun for people of all ages and guaranteed to make you smile!

Did you know that there are significant differences between llamas and alpacas? While both are camelids that primarily live in South America, here are a few key points that distinguish the two types of animal:

  • Llamas, ranging from 200-350 lbs., tend to be about twice the size of alpacas.
  • Alpacas have spear-shaped ears that are smaller than the ears of llamas, whose ears look like bananas.
  • Llamas make great guard animals for other livestock and, because of their body structure, they can handle a pack and can even pull a cart.
  • Alpacas are less independent than llamas and are very much herd animals. They tend to be shy and quiet.
  • Llamas have a coarse outer fur with a softer belly fur while alpaca fur is softer, more abundant, and tends to make more durable fiber.
  • People with allergies to the lanolin in sheep’s wool usually do not have a negative reaction to alpaca wool.
  • Alpaca wool is also available in a wider variety of colors than many other wools.

Whether you love llamas or consider yourself a member of “Team Alpaca,” come to Global Gifts for a keychain that celebrates BOTH of these amazing and important animals!


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