Hang Garlands at Your Independence Day Party!

Hang Garlands at Your Independence Day Party!

With 4th of July coming up, it’s time to get festive by hanging up colorful garlands in your windows!


The Red Star Garland is handmade in Bangladesh and adds the perfect festive touch to any household! Each star is woven from keya palm leaves. These leaves are harvested locally in Bangladesh and split into narrow strips in preparation for weaving. Once the leaves are cut, they are soaked and dyed using biodegradable, “AZO-free” dyes and then dried in the sun.

This garland comes in other colors such as silver and gold and is made by Prokritee, an artisan group providing jobs for rural women in Bangladesh. Prokritee improves women’s standards of living and helps them send their children to school. Prokritee also creates and promotes income-generating projects that adhere to good safety and environment standards, and have the potential to become self-reliant.


The Red Palm Leaf Streamer is also made of cut and woven palm leaf. The streamer is made by Poocharam Federation, a community-based organization committed to artisan development in India. Poocharam Federation is focused on empowering women through encouraging political and community involvement and giving women financial power. This organization also benefits artisans through HIV presentation training and loan programs.


The Embroidered Star Garland is handmade in India using embroidered stuffed cotton, beads, and sequins. This garland is made by Ashirwad, meaning "blessings", is an artisan group of socially and economically disadgantaged women. The women work in their own homes and gather together weekly at a home in the suburbs of Kolkata.


Which  fair trade garland will you choose to decorate your home with for 4th of July?


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