Global Gifts Volunteers Travel to China

Global Gifts Volunteers Travel to China

Judy Hartzler and Joanna Suter have been volunteering at Global Gifts Short North since the store opened in March, 2014. They both bring to the store enthusiasm and an understanding of the importance of Fair Trade and they’ve organized and staffed off-site sales for Global Gifts at their church as well.  

They are also world travelers!

Because Global Gifts carries goods handmade by Fair Trade artisans in China, we asked them to share a few highlights of their recent trip with us. The gorgeous photos in this post were taken by Judy and Joanna was interviewed by Global Gifts Short North Assistant Manager, Amy Phillips-Gary.

A few highlights of their trip…

Over three weeks in the early fall of this year, Judy and Joanna traveled with a group to Lhasa, Tibet and other regions of China. Tibet was Joanna's favorite place to visit. She liked the high-altitude elevation and Tibet’s climate with its cooler temperatures during the time they were there. Their group toured Potala Palace, the Winter Palace of the exiled Dalai Lama and they also visited the home of Buddhist nuns. 

Although it was hazy when they walked along the Great Wall of China, Joanna said it was amazing to think about the history and the length of this structure that’s one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The famous Terra Cotta warriors are a “must see” for anyone traveling to China, according to Joanna. Because they are still being excavated, it was especially interesting for her to see the archaeological process.


The group also enjoyed walking through terraced rice fields in Guilin, which were golden and ready for harvesting, before having a meal in a mountain village.

Joanna said she enjoyed Tibetan food very much. During their visit to China, they ate yak meat, seafood, sticky rice baked in bamboo leaves, and momos-- a type of meat dumpling . She commented on how many people in China used both their front and back yards for gardens.

By far, it was the people of Tibet who made the strongest impression on Joanna. Dressed in traditional clothing and walking around Lhasa with prayer wheels and malas (prayer beads), the people seemed genuinely happy and were very friendly!



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