Global Gifts Short North: Volunteer Snapshots

Global Gifts Short North: Volunteer Snapshots

Nurses, community organizers, scientists, cyclists, avid gardeners, students, and more help support Fair Trade by volunteering at Global Gifts! Volunteers come from different backgrounds and are at different stages of life. Some were born and raised here in the midwest and others are from very far away.  
What Global Gifts volunteers have in common is a willingness to give back. Their time and talents benefit artisans and producers in developing countries and help ensure that those workers are compensated fairly and can work safely and with dignity. We appreciate the unique contributions of all of our volunteers!
Here's a snapshot of info about four Global Gifts Short North volunteers: 

Afifa is an undergraduate international student who is studying Aeronautical Engineering at The Ohio State University. She's been volunteering at Global Gifts since early in 2016. 


Sheneve is a scientist with a background in chemistry and was born in Liberia. She has been an invaluable volunteer at the store since 2014 and is one of our new key volunteers 


Emma is from the Columbus area and is an undergraduate majoring in Neuroscience at The Ohio State University. She's been a volunteer for several months now. 


Cece is one the newest volunteers at Global Gifts Short North.  She will be a high school senior next year and is looking forward to attending college (hopefully as a Buckeye!) after graduation.  


If you (or someone you know) would like to be a Global Gifts volunteer, each store holds regularly scheduled Volunteer Orientations and also by appointment. 

The next Volunteer Orientation at Global Gifts Short North will be held at the store (682 N. High St.) on Saturday, July 30th from 10-11am. Email our Volunteer Coordinator at for more information. Click here for contact information for all Global Gifts stores.  






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