Global Gifts Short North: Meet (MORE) Interns!

Global Gifts Short North: Meet (MORE) Interns!

As a fair trade retail marketplace, Global Gifts is a great place for volunteers and interns (and staff too) to learn about the people and cultures behind the clothing, jewelry, accessories, décor, food, coffee, and tea that fill our stores. Internships at Global Gifts offer students and recent grads the opportunity to delve deeper into the specifics involved with the operation of a nonprofit fair trade store.

Interns at Global Gifts Short North work closely with store manager, Alissa Head and other staff members for hands-on learning. Each intern contributes to the continued growth and expansion of the organization as they gain experience to help them reach their future career goals.

Get to know two of our talented and creative current summer interns…

Hannah Patton: Business Intern  
Hannah graduated from The Ohio State University in 2014 with a dual degree in Spanish and Agribusiness. Her post-graduation travels through Europe taught Hannah that “seeing and helping the world” was a life-long priority for her. She chose an internship at Global Gifts to hone her business skills and follow this conviction.

Hannah explained, “The success of this store means fair wages that feed hungry people, that provide education, and that alleviate poverty around the world.” She told us that the best part of being an intern at Global Gifts is to learn about the products and see how sales positively impact the communities where they’re made.

Fair Trade is important to Hannah because: “I believe that everyone has the right to live a happy life, free from fear. Fair trade provides security and hope for families, all while sharing a little bit of their cultures with us right here in Columbus, Ohio.”  

One of her favorite items in the store is the collection of butterfly wing jewelry from Peru. Hannah describes these cruelty-free pendants, earrings, and bracelets as, “Incredibly beautiful!”

In the future, Hannah plans to build upon what she’s learned and possibly work in fair trade and maybe even open a shop of her own one day.


Skylar Ray: Visual Display Intern

Skylar is a third year student at The Ohio State University where he’s majoring in marketing with a minor in fashion retail. An internship at Global Gifts appealed to Skylar because of his commitment to global and social justice and interest in retail which can both be satisfied in one place!

His future career plans include working in retail at the corporate level in a merchandising, marketing, or buyer position. He told us that, “Being a merchandising intern allows me to better understand the role: How to work with merchandise and how to make merchandise work together.”

According to Skylar, “Seeing all the amazing products and learning the stories behind them” is one of the best parts of working an internship at Global Gifts. This especially includes the Ecuadorian hammocks which he says he’s been “pining to have one for the past year!

When asked about the significance of Fair Trade, Skylar said, “Fair Trade is a way of reminding us our purchases have an impact that far outreaches our own, and it does so by offering a way to make that impact a good one.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Available internships at Global Gifts Short North include: visual display, business, community engagement/social media, and retail. For more information about how to apply, call the store at 614-621-1744. Click here for contact information for other Global Gifts locations.


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