Global Gifts Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month!

Global Gifts Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month!

The rich cultures of Hispanic peoples are honored from mid-September to mid-October with National Hispanic Heritage Month! The term “Hispanic” is commonly used to refer to the diversity of Spanish-speaking people who live in Central and South America and in Spain as well. Unfortunately, portrayals of Hispanic men and women in the media, political discourse, and even casual conversations rely on and reinforce stereotypes that are unfair and inaccurate.

Just visit a Global Gifts store and you’ll see the results of hard work, creativity, and skill of Hispanic people who live in one of over 11 Central or South American countries we purchase from. This includes farmers who grow organic coffee, artisans who bead beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, potters who hand make colorful mugs and bowls, and so much more. All artisans are paid a fair wage and work in safe and dignified environments.

Here are a few examples of what talented Hispanic Fair Trade artisans have made that you can find at Global Gifts:

The pottery collective, Ceramicas Palopo, is located in a mountainside Mayan village by Lake Atitlan. Artisans blend traditional Mayan traditions with modern practices to create vibrant designs on lead-free and dishwasher- and microwave-safe pottery.

Peruvian music has a distinct sound which can be traced back to Incan roots and it’s often made with instruments like the pan flute, ceramic ocarina, and bamboo flute, shown here.

Alpaca wool and alpaca blends are hand-knit or crocheted by Bolivian artisans for style and warmth. Available in a wide selection of styles, sizes, colors, and patterns.


*Click the link for more on National Hispanic Heritage Month

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