Fun Facts for the Global Gifter: Denmark

Fun Facts for the Global Gifter: Denmark

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In our previous Friday blogs about cross-cultural gifting, we've established why finding a gift for your friends from other lands can be tricky. However, in Denmark, there are only a few things that differ from US gifting traditions. Here they are:

Personal Gifts
- Presents can be open when they are received.
- While expressing your appreciation in person is sufficient, a thank you note is always appreciated. Indeed, when visiting Denmark, be prepared to say "thank you" a lot, as the Danish are very polite people.
- Do take a hostess/host gift whey you are invited into someone's home. 
- About Flowers... Roses or wildflowers are great choices, but avoid white roses, as they are associated with mourning. When giving flowers to your hostess, it is best to send them ahead of time so they do not have to take care of them when you arrive. Flowers should be wrapped if given as a gift. Red is a good color for wrapping gifts.
- Danes appreciate wines, whiskey, and alcoholic beverages and they make good gifts.

Business Gifts
- Business gifts are rarely given on first meeting, however, if the negotiations go well, a gift can be sent after.
- Gifts with a company logo are acceptable.
- Avoid extravagant gifts as they may be seen as bribes.
- Avoid giving sharp objects (scissors, knives, etc.) as gifts as they may be seen as unfriendly gestures.

There are lots of other #funfacts to learn as our blog treks around the globe. 
Join us here next Friday as we discuss gift giving in Egypt!

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