Fun Facts for the Global Gifter: Costa Rica

Fun Facts for the Global Gifter: Costa Rica

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In our previous Friday blogs about cross-cultural gifting, we established why finding a gift for your friends from other lands can be a more complex task than it seems on the surface.

Unlike some countries where gift giving is limited to particular holidays, in Costa Rica, almost any happy occasion welcomes gift giving!

- giving fruits and coffees (These commodities are plentiful in Costa Rica and therefore are a rather mundane gift.)
- wrapping gifts in black or purple wrapping paper. These colors have a significance reserved for Holy Week.

Business Gifts
Gift giving in Costa Rica is considered a standard for business negotiations.
- Keep the price of the gift between $10 and $50
- Always present your gift wrapped
 in nice paper.
- The thank-you note
 holds high importance here, and should never be overlooked.
- Men should use caution in giving gifts to a female colleague. In order to avoid any misunderstanding about the nature of the gift, you may want to consider presenting the gift on behalf of your wife or secretary.

The phrase, Pura Vida (pronounced POO-rah VEE-dah), is an acknowledgement of the Costa Rican attitude toward life. Literally translated, it means "Pure Life". Natives may use it to say, "hello", "goodbye", "I'm doing well", and "Thank you". Visitors who use the expression properly will frequently get a big smile in return.

There are lots of other #funfacts to learn as our blog treks around the globe. 
Join us here next Friday as we discuss gift giving in the Czech Republic!

We also welcome YOUR gift giving experiences in the blog comments, below...
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