Find Fair Trade Ornaments that Reflect Your Style

Find Fair Trade Ornaments that Reflect Your Style

Did you know that in the 1800s, when people first started decorating Christmas trees, they hung nuts and fruits on trees instead of Santa and Christmas balls? It made sense, because these items originally grew on trees. It symbolized a new life cycle. By hanging nuts and fruits on the evergreen tree, people were looking forward to a good harvest and abundance in the coming new year. The glass ball, which is a more familiar holiday decoration today, became popular later because it reflected light on decorated trees set up indoors. After all, Christmas is a festival about glee, color, and light 

We have some great new holiday ornaments in the store. They are fair trade and handmade by artisans from all over the world! 

For Christmas, Santa and Rudolph are always a good choice, especially when they represent different cultures. Our sledding Santa ornament is handmade from banana fiber by artisans in Kenya. It is environmentally friendly and it supports local sustainability because banana leaves must be stripped from their trees in order for the trees to thrive. Crafting this ornament by hand requires patience and complicated techniques. 

This adorable skiing Rudolph is handmade from natural sheep’s wool and assembled by Nepalese artisans. A flying reindeer in iconic Christmas colors of red, green, and white is playfully skiing the slopes! 

Stars are traditional holiday ornaments, but this sari star is a new twist on the tradition. It’s unusual because it’s made from recycled cotton kantha saris by Bangladeshi artisans. It makes a great addition to an environmentally-friendly and globally-themed tree. 


Artisans from South Africa created this recycled soda can giraffe ornament. The item, carefully designed and weaved from recycled pop, beer cans, and colored wire, supports local economic development and environmental sustainability. In Swahili culture, the giraffe represents grace and achievement. 


This hand-beaded flying pig ornament from Guatemala is made by female artisans whose biggest dreams are to earn a living wage and educate their children. Fair trade provides this opportunity, and reminds us nothing is impossible! 


Choose Fair Trade and make a positive difference. This year, decorate your home and Christmas tree with cheer, originality, and your goodwill to the world! 


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