Fair Trade Myth Busted: Cost Comparisons

Fair Trade Myth Busted: Cost Comparisons

“I love the idea of Fair Trade, but it costs too much!”

A belief that certified Fair Trade goods are not in the budget or will bust the bank is wide-spread, persistent, and just not true! When you compare the cost of similar items at an array of retail stores, it’s clear that choosing Fair Trade is actually very affordable.

Here are a just a few examples…

The Playful Puzzle necklace from Mata Traders, handmade by Fair Trade artisans in India, currently sells for $23* at Global Gifts, while a comparable geometric stone necklace at Express retails for $49.90.


This tartan scarf—perfect for fall—was handwoven by artisans in Ecuador and currently sells for $14 at Global Gifts. Target has a similar oblong plaid scarf for $17.99


These hand-embroidered cotton messenger bags from Ganesh Himal, made by artisans in Nepal, currently cost $26 each at Global Gifts, while a simpler nylon bag at Target sells for $28.


Global Gifts offers this stylish and roomy Eco-Leather bag (pictured in back) from artisans in India for $180 while a bag of similar size and style from designer Kate Spade is priced at $298.


Keeping warm costs less when you shop Fair Trade, like this cozy full-size blanket handwoven from recycled materials by artisans in Ecuador. This blanket currently costs $49 at Global Gifts and a fleece blanket at Macy’s sells for $50.



Buying Fair Trade is not only a money-conscious decision, it’s smart for the entire planet and its inhabitants too!

The cost of NOT purchasing Fair Trade-certified items often means cheap goods were produced by people (including children) who were underpaid, mistreated, and subjected to unsafe and sometimes abusive working conditions.

The cost of NOT purchasing Fair Trade-certified items also often means that obtaining materials and processing goods negatively impacted and even endangered animals, ecosystems, and the overall health of the Earth.

Look for the Fair Trade label when shopping for jewelry, clothing, accessories, home décor, food, coffee, tea, and more. It’s good for artisans in developing countries, good for the Earth, AND good for your budget too!


*There are periodic price fluctuations due to changes in product cost. These are current retail prices on select items at Global Gifts. Comparison prices were obtained from the websites of other retailers.

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