Fair Trade Gifts for Your Favorite Logophile!

Fair Trade Gifts for Your Favorite Logophile!

Are you a word connoisseur or do you live with one? If you, or someone you love, can’t get enough of words—the sound, spelling, etymology, and play of words—we’ve got a wide variety of great Fair Trade gifts to choose from!

Send a two-fold message with word-y handmade goods that are certified Fair Trade: The literal message that’s carved, shaped, or written on them AND the message that, by choosing to buy Fair Trade, you care about artisans and producers being treated with dignity, paid fairly, and able to access sustainable economic opportunities. 

Here are just a few of the word-related goods found at Global Gifts stores:

Think Outside the Box
This clever reminder that there are always new and innovative ways to be and do is hand carved from Kisii stone by artisans in Kenya.


Live, Laugh, Love Wall Art
Recycled magazines are skillfully folded to create these wall art pieces inspiring us all to live fully, laugh often, and always act from a place of love. Handmade by Vietnamese artisans.

Mix and Match Message Charms
Need a boost to help you stay focused on your dreams or to keep the faith with peace in your heart? These brass charms, made by Kenyan artisans, are etched with a variety of uplifting messages. Pick one (or two) to clip on your keychain or wear as a necklace.


Just for fun…
“Chocolate” and "Wine" hand carved in Kisii stone and tinted with natural dyes. (Need we say more?)





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