Ceramic Luminaries from Nicaragua

Ceramic Luminaries from Nicaragua

Lighten the life of Nicaraguan artisan families with a festive ceramic luminary!  

Duilio Jimenez and his wife Damarias have been creating pottery their entire lives. Once becoming partners with the fair-trade organization Women of the Cloud Forest, the Jimenez family was able to transform their two-room, dirt-floor structure into a tiled showroom with two private bedrooms and indoor plumbing. With limited tourism in the area, the upgrades to their physical home and business provide them with the opportunity to welcome tourists and missionaries. This additional stream of revenue enables them to gain economic independence.


In the town of San Juan de Oriente, pottery is the way of life for many families across generations. To thrive in this competitive market, the Jimenez family has gained the necessary skills to export their crafts to the United States via fair trade. They plan their pottery production around strict export deadlines, quality control, and consumer feedback. This allows them to grow their business while providing steady employment to their workers. 
Their employees work fair hours and are provided a fair income with benefits. Since the workshop is connected to the family living space, there is a very homey vibe as the artisans gather with Duilio and Damarias each morning for coffee and break bread together at lunch. The artisans work a five-day work week like many Americans. Damarias is the organization-keeper of the group – she makes certain that orders are being processed in a timely manner and keeps track of each design as it is created. 



Last year after the final order of ceramic luminaries was processed, Duilio and Damarias arranged an excursion to Laguna de Apoyo, a beautiful nature reserve, to which artisans and their families were all invited to celebrate their successful year. This goes to remind us that when you shop fair trade, you empower small artisan groups to care for their families and ultimately their communities.

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