Celebrating Father’s Day Around the World

Celebrating Father’s Day Around the World

Author: Alice Martin, Global Gifts Short North Community Engagement Intern

Get Dad a gift this year that tells a story, and helps other fathers around the world support themselves and their families.

Sheesham wood, also known as Rosewood is native to North India. Villages and small communities located in north and central India are home for many Muslim artisans. Woodcraft is an intricate art form that requires the use of hand made tools used for carving. The beautiful patterns that are produced in the sheesham wood are deeply influenced by the culture of the artisan and holds strong to the history of their region.

All of the products made from sheesham wood are made by hand. If the artisan wants the designs to be in color, the designs are typically made on paper first and then transferred onto the wood by using ink. The handmade tools that are used vary in size and depend on what is available to each individual artisan. 

This artistic woodwork is found all over India. It started out mostly as a palace craft but over time flourished into a decorative and functional art style. The first organized wood carving organization was said to be set up in 1882. Since then, artisans have become closely associated with architectural woodcarving, and have incorporated their own designs. The unique detail of each piece represents the dynasty or village of each artisan.

When you purchase one of these wood-crafted treasures you are help to provide healthcare and education for artisans and their families. With these development solutions, we can support communities in their efforts to become economically self- sufficient as artisans continue to develop skills that will help the success of their different regions.





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