Backpacks A Plenty!

Backpacks A Plenty!

As back to school is quickly approaching, many parents and students are scrambling around to find everything on their supply list. This year instead of spending your hard earned money at the nearest mega chain store shop Global Gifts Fair Trade Store!

Try a new approach to school shopping - one with deeper meaning and a huge impact! Start off with a unique fair trade book bag that's perfect for an animal lover!

The elephant backpack is a customer favorite! Kids love this bag and adults love it evenlion packpackmore! Besides elephants, we also carry lion, giraffe and monkey backpacks! Not only are they eye-catching and adorable, but practical too. The bags feature adjustable straps and a lined zippered interior big enough to tote your books and keep your laptop safe.

Designed and handmade by HIV+ men and women at Imani Workshops in Kenya, the backpacks support these artisans by providing employment, skills training and a reliable income. Just by purchasing of one of these unique bags, you'll help send their children to school and buy medicines for their families too.

Start the school year off right by purchasing fair trade school supplies and you'll earn an A+ from your friends at Global Gifts!


The stylish Traveler Backpack is created by artisans of at risk communities in Thailand. The bag is made of 100% cotton and has a genuine leather trim.


The Recycled Silk bag is made from recycled scraps of silk saris that have been spun into soft and colorful yarn. The women artisans who weave these silk items are working towards creating financial stability for themselves and reside in Nepal.

The Cotton Messenger bags are made using hand-loomed fabric decorated with block-printing, combined with hemp swatches or detailed with other colorful cotton weaves. These bags are made by artisans in Nepal as well.

We also have backpacks including special ones for children!


The Ikat Mini backpack has adjustable straps and features a bead and tie closure. The Animal backpack is a favorite among young children and comes in several colors! Both of these bags are crafted by artisans in Guatemala, and weaving has been a long tradition among the Mayan women.

Keychains are a fun way to accessorize and add a personal touch to your book bag!

Our Llama keychains come in different colors and are made from real alpaca wool. Artisan Erika Tito and her family business create this key-chain in Lima, Peru. Erika’s business currently makes 200 different products and gives work to 20 different artisans. Check out a previous blog post about these cuties here!

       beaded keychain

The Beaded Animal key-chains are made by artisans in Guatemala. Beading is also common in several styles of jewelry. Artisan Carmelita sources the beading materials herself and trains co-op members how to make jewelry designs in Guatemala.

We also have a wide selection of string doll keychains for you to choose from! These are handmade by artisans based in small villages in the mountains in northern Thailand. Crafting String Dolls creates a reliable income and improved living standards for the artisans and their communities in their economically developing regions. Which keychain will you choose to style your book bag? 

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