Alabi Recycling: An Environmental Business Model

Alabi Recycling: An Environmental Business Model

Author: Juliet Hall, Environmental Impact Intern at Global Gifts Short North

Mario Alabi from Alabi Recycling is taking the Reuse in “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” to a new level with his business model. A Fair Trade artisan from El Salvador, Mario drives around his country and collects inner-tubes from the streets. He then repurposes them into unique products such as: belts, wallets and handbags.

The removal of these inner tubes results in an array of environmental and health benefits. The organization Central America Data estimates that there are 9 million tires thrown away each year in Latin America. This is an issue for many different reasons. First of all, inner tubes are not decomposable and are a large source of pollution in Central America. Mario’s collection of inner tubes, therefore, aids in the conservation of the environment in El Salvador!

Inner tubes and tires are also a great breeding ground for mosquitoes. A huge issue in Latin America is the transmission of mosquito borne diseases such as: Dengue Virus, Malaria, Zika and many others. According to the Pan American Health Organization, roughly between November of 2015 and May of 2016, 10,476 cases of Zika were reported and confirmed. Inner tubes are great breeding grounds for mosquitoes because they keep stagnant water damp. With the removal of these inner tubes, Alabi Recycling is doing their part to aid in the prevention of mosquito-borne diseases by removing the popular breeding grounds.

An additional benefit is that Mario doesn’t use any toxic chemicals in his production process which keeps harsh chemicals out of the waterways of El Salvador.

Overall, Alabi Recyling products are incredibly unique and are also great for the environment! They can make anything from recycled handbags to belts to wallets. Come in to Global Gifts today to see these unique products from El Salvador!


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