A Wine Day Toast to Fair Trade!

A Wine Day Toast to Fair Trade!

Cozy picnics for two, barbeques with friends, college graduation parties, weddings, or just because...  

All of your spring and summer get-togethers are even sweeter when the event is complemented by a fine wine. When you choose Fair Trade wine and wine accessories, you'll wow guests AND help support an improved life for farmers, food producers, and artisans around the world!  

How about a drink to that?! 
The hazards of conventionally-produced wines.  
The reality can be brutal for the workers who grow and harvest grapes from which conventionally-produced wines are made. Not only is agricultural work hard on the body due the repetition and exposure to extended heat and sun, workers may not be treated with respect or given the opportunity to take breaks to stay hydrated and get out of the sun.  
The use of pesticides compound the health risks to workers, who may not be fully informed about the chemicals they are regularly coming into contact with. These same pesticides can also have negative environmental impacts, including polluted and contaminated water and soil, that affect entire communities (with lasting effects for future generations). 

Organic and Fair Trade alternatives.  
The good news is that certified organic and Fair Trade wines are now available. Some vintners here in the United States and across the globe are using grapes that were grown sustainably and without pesticides for their wines. A few are also going through the Fair Trade certification process to ensure and indicate that the workers who grew and harvested the grapes were treated with dignity and were paid fairly.  

Citrusdal Bergendal is one example. Located in South Africa, this organization is committed to not only using organic methods, but also to meeting Fair Trade certification requirements for tea, herbs, citrus, and wine growth and production. Citrusdal Bergendal routinely offers social and professional trainings for farmers and producers on subjects including: financial management, healthy living, and conflict resolution.  
[A list of Fair Trade wines can be found here.] 
Fair Trade accessories for your favorite vintage.  
No matter which wine you select, Global Gifts has a variety of artisan-made Fair Trade accessories to choose from! 
This clever yet practical wine rack is made from recycled bike chains by the Noah's Ark International Exports group based in Moradabad, India.  

Hand-carved animal corks, by the Kichaka Poa artisan group in Kenya, provide a whimsical way to keep your favorite wine fresh. 


Uniquely swirled Phoenician glass goblets look amazing on the table and are created from recycled glass bottles which are then melted down and handblown by artisans living in the West Bank.  

Stop by (or call) a Global Gifts store to experience our full selection of wine accessories. CHEERS!  



https://fairtradeusa.org/producer-profiles/citrusdal-bergandal-boerdery (Photo credit) 



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