Ethical and Earth-Friendly Peace Silk

Ethical and Earth-Friendly Peace Silk

Commercial silk can be tough on the environment and even tougher on the silkworms who spin the raw material it’s made from! Synthetic dyes that are used in many commercial silks can pollute waterways and irritate the skin. Silkworms or silk-producing moths may be harmed or even killed as their cocoons are collected and used to make commercial silk.

The great news is that an alternative is available! Peace Silk is produced using ethical and eco-friendly practices with gorgeous results.

The Fair Trade artisan cooperative in Assam, India made up of indigenous Bodo women, weave Peace Silk. Also known as “ahimsa” silk, soft and lustrous textiles are woven from cocoons obtained after the moths have emerged. Plant dyes are used to give the silk natural yet vibrant colors without the hazards and harms of synthetic dyes. 



Peace Silk pillows and 70"x50" throws are available at Global Gifts in beautiful patterns and colors like these... 

Decorate your home with silk products you can feel good about!

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