Market Baskets from Around the World

Market Baskets from Around the World

Curious where to purchase a cute market basket? They’re perfect for the Farmer’s Market or a picnic! Global Gifts has plenty for every type of consumer.  


The Ocean Tones Basket (above) is hand woven from double-plied kaisa grass and palm leaf by CORR- The Jute Works (CJW), an artisan group in Bangladesh dedicated to helping rural women provide supplemental income for their families. CJW supports over 3,000 artisans and provides training for HIV-AIDS awareness and leadership development. This organization also provides educational support to poor students. Many of their products are made from jute, a sustainable fiber found abundantly in Bangladesh.


The Ghanaian Market Basket (above, left) is hand crafted by Trade Aid integrated, a nonprofit created to find employment for the rural part of northern Ghana. The upper east region is the most impoverished area of Ghana with 90% of people living below the poverty line. Trade Aid offers services such as professional training and management skills. The baskets are made using locally sourced elephant grass which grows along rivers and streams. The handles are wrapped in red leather 

The Bolgatanga Basket, from the same group (above, right), is woven grass basket with a leather-wrapped handle also made by Trade Aid Integrated. 



The Bolga Basket is handmade by Ele Agbee Company Limited, another artisan group in Ghana. El Agbe means “God is Alive” in Ghana and employs about 50 artisans with the majority being women. The organization offers training programs for under-educated youth and conducts workshops for school groups throughout Ghana for artisans to pass on their skills.  


Don’t forget to check out our shopping baskets (below) at your next trip to Global Gifts! These baskets are made of palm leaf fiber and have strong leather straps. They are created by Rishilpi (above), a nonprofit in Bangladesh, founded to improve the lives of people of the Rishi caste. The Rishi caste consists of workers who have lived in the margins of Bengali society who struggle to find work and access to schooling. The organization helps artisans through microcredit savings programs and early marriage prevention support for adolescent daughters. 

What will your market basket pick be? 

Photo Credit: Serrv and TTV.

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