Sarongs: The MacGyver of Gifts!

Sarongs: The MacGyver of Gifts!

If you're looking for a practical yet uniquely-beautiful gift, look no further. We've got you covered (literally) with our incredible collection of sarongs from Blue Hand, a wonderful fair trade partner.

A sarong is a length of brightly colored batik fabric worn, wrapped around the body, as a garment. You can learn more about the history and art of batik in this earlier blog.

Why do we call our sarongs the MacGuyver of gifts? Because they can be used in so many ways:

- as a dress (in hundreds of styles)
- as a shawl
- as a shirt
- as a skirt
- as a scarf
- as a swim cover up
- as a beach towel/ sit-upon
- as a table cloth or throw

Of course, sarongs are a favorite go-to gift for bridal showers (especially if the newly weds are taking a tropical honeymoon) but also they are an incredibly practical bon voyage gift for your traveling friends. Backpackers can easily carry one or two light weight sarongs to take the place of several items (beach towels, bathing towels, shawls for chilly ariplane rides, beach coverups, skirts, etc.)

Sarongs are ageless and timeless. The unique, handcrafted beauty of Blue Hand sarongs make them immune to the whims of fashion -- always in style and fashionable to wear, regardless of your age. Indeed, my 80-year-old mother wears her bright periwinkle blue or pink sarongs wrapped around her shoulders at church and always get compliments!

At only $23, they're priced so you can own one in each of your favorite colors, too. 




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