GLOBAL GIFTS SHORT NORTH: Fair Trade Djembe Rhythms

GLOBAL GIFTS SHORT NORTH: Fair Trade Djembe Rhythms
Originating in West Africa, the djembe is a drum usually made with a hardwood body and an animal skin drum head. The word "djembe" comes from the traditional saying in Mali, "Anke djé, anke bé." In English, this means: "Everyone gather together in peace." We can't think of a better way to gather together with friends and family in peace than with the rhythms of a fair trade djembe!

Here are a few tips to get started:
  • Prepare yourself and your djembe before playing.
    Drumming can be a workout, so ground yourself mentally and stretch before playing! Tighten and tone the drum head by adjusting the ropes on the side.
  • Start with a beat.
    Ask a friend to clap or tap a table or chair with a slow beat. Cup one or both of your hands and follow the beat.
  • Experiment with tones and rhythms.
    Produce different tones by striking the center of the drum or allow your hand to "trampoline" off the drum head or slap your fingers near the rim. Explore varying intensities and paces or emphasize certain beats (and not others) to create your own sound.

    You can stop by Global Gifts Short North and try out the fair trade djembes at any time. They are handmade by artisans in Ghana. From 2-4pm on World Fair Trade Day, Saturday, May 14th, Columbus musician Joanie Calem will be leading a jam session with fair trade instruments at the store.  All are welcome to join in!

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